I know what you’re thinking, this is such a late post to come as DVLB has opened in end of 2011. But I had to add DVLB to the collection of this blog!

On a cold winter night, in mid December 2011, I believe it was a Thursday, I was kinda bored but thought there’s not much to do outside. In an attempt to find something new to try, my better half found that a new coffee shop has just opened in uptown Waterloo (through twitter). Yaaay! what is better than a cup of coffee on a cold night?! and even better, from a new place in town. Put on our jackets, hopped on the bus 7, and off to uptown.

My first impression was excitement to be in a Toronto-style coffee shop yet a bit bigger in size and just here in KW. After the first sip of my cappuccino I thought, yaaay another best coffee in town!

here’s the photo from my first DVLB visit in Dec. 2011.

DVLB’s coffee beans are from the popular Detour Coffee Roasters in Dundas, Ontario.

It didn’t take long for DVLB to be recognized, Waterloo really needed this. It is relatively close to UW/Laurier campuses, and many students are too lazy to come to downtown Kitchener, where a few good indie coffee shops are. I think some students complete their degrees without ever walking in downtown Kitchener. Also, the fact that DVLB stays open late helps its popularity too.

It took only a year and couple of months for DVLB to appear on NYtimes describing it as a cafe that
appears to have been dropped in from a fashionable part of Brooklyn, seats are scarce despite prices that could make a New Yorker wince.”

I think this is true, about both the atmosphere and the price (4$ for a Cortado is more than the average prices in KW/Toronto).
Beside the great coffee, the cafe is pretty spacious, cosy, and beautifully decorated.