Early this month, we had a five-day escape to New York, it was our first visit to NYC, and hopefully not the last.
Usually, we would prepare a list of coffee shops that we want to try in the city we’re visiting, but we were too busy with school that we didn’t do our homework. However, NYC made it easy for us, we really didn’t need to search for coffee, coffee was in the air!
NYC is just full of indie coffee shops! A fast search before heading out was enough. In this post I will share with you the ten cafés we tried during our visit.

Day 1. We started our day walking from world trade center PATH station on Greenwich st. towards north. Just a couple of hundred meters and we smelled coffee, we looked around, … and it was Kaffe 1668. It wasn’t on the list, but who says no to earlier coffee. And it was good, really good. I loved the sheep themed decor, the unique cups, and most importantly the coffee. Kaffe 1668 had a semi-(or fully) automated french press machine, it was quite interesting to see that. Overall, our first coffee in NYC was really great.

We had our second macchiatos in the Blue Bottle Coffee Co. I first heard about Blue bottle a year ago from a post about their book . Blue Bottle was just across Chelsea Market. It was really nice that we randomly got to visit Chelsea Market, a very cool place.

Just after the sun went down, and our energy was draining from all the walking we did on our first day, we spotted Toby’s Estate Coffee. Came just in time! The cafe’s atmosphere is very cheerful and bright. I just love random coffee breaks!

Day 2. We started our second day in upper west side of Manhattan. We had our morning macchiatos in Birch Café. The place was packed, we had to wait a bit before we can get a table, but that was all worth it. The coffee was great, I guess you can tell from the photo. I rarely see a Rosetta on my single shot macchiato (don’t be fooled by the photo, but that cup is very small!). We also had a cheese-pineapple-carrot muffin and a blackberry-mango muffin, both were tasty!

Our second macchiatos of the day were in Rex Coffee. I gotta say that finding a place to sit in cafés was not easy during our trip. This time we had to sit outside. Fortunately, the sun was out and it wasn’t that cold.

Day 3. China town was our third starting point. We had our morning coffee in Café Grumpy. Luckily, we found the window bench empty. Big window, sunny day, and great coffee, a very non-grumpy start of the day!

Next stop was Brooklyn!

In Brooklyn, we had our second tasty macchiatos in Gorilla coffee.

Day 4. On the forth day, we started our morning in Greenwich village, with coffee from Gasoline Alley coffee. We randomly spotted Gasoline coffee, and just stepped in. Gasoline serves Intelligentsia coffee. I first tried intelligentsia coffee in Chicago four years ago. I think, Manic Cafe in Toronto also sells intelligentsia coffee beans.

We really loved Greenwich village. During this short visit, it was our favorite spot. It was a joy to just wander around the area.

Our second coffee of the day was in Grand Central Station from Irving Farm Coffee.

Day 5. Since Greenwich village was love at the first sight, we decided to start our last day from there. One reason was because we did not explore all of it, and the other reason was La Colombe Coffee! Actually, we headed to La Colombe just after Gasoline coffee on the forth day. But it was packed! … and it was packed again on the fifth day. But we thought we should just have the macchiatos Italian style .. on the bar in front of the barista. When the barista handed us our double macchiatos, I gotta say my eyes went wide open when I had the first sip. This was by far, if not the best macchiato I have ever tasted, it was definitely the best macchiato of our trip. The drink was very balanced, taste-wise and texture-wise.
It’s a shame that I couldn’t take a photo of the drink, because we were standing bundled up with our winter jackets, and the place was packed. But the amazing coffee explained it all. I had to stand in line again and get a bag of their NIZZA blend which happened to be the last available bag. This was the best drink of the trip, and sadly was the last.

I can’t wait for our next trip to NYC!