Whether you are in Elmira for its famous Maple Syrup Festival or you’re visiting a neighboring farm, you are exploring the area around you or you’re just passing by, and needed a shot of espresso you might want to consider to STOP at The Robin’s Nest!

On the first weekend of June we decided to finally visit Elmira! Just for a walk around, yes, we have never been to Elmira before, not even for the maple syrup festival although we live around. But finally we were there. Elmira is just 15 km north of Waterloo, you can even bike to it. We saw many bikers on the way.
In Elmira, we had our morning coffee in The Robin’s Nest!

It has a big front patio too.

I love the COFFEE STOP sign, you can’t miss the place!

We also had a croissant.

And a multi-grain bagel with cream cheese.

And of course coffee. Double shot macchiatos!

There was a small fresh market just across the cafe