On our way to hiking in the Forks of the Credit provincial park, we stopped by The Shed, a coffee bar with a beautiful and relaxing interior. To be honest, I was very surprised to find the Shed in that area, a pleasant surprise, of course!

We had our morning coffee before heading for a day-long hiking in the area.
The Shed is located at 4 Main Street South, Erin, Ontario, Canada.

The Shed coffee bar promotes cycling culture, and it is indeed a coffee sipping station for the cyclists heading the area from GTA, Hamilton, and KW regions.

Some postcards for the Shed:

The shed website provides cycling directions on how to get to the Shed on two wheels. We are thinking to bike there. It would be quite an experience, 59 KM!

Here are some photos from the hiking in the forks of the credit:

You could see white trillium all over the place in the provincial park. The white trillium is the emblem and official flower of the Canadian province of Ontario.