I used to live in Guelph up till 2010 when I moved to Kitchener. I’ve always liked the cozy downtown of Guelph, especially Old Quebec Street. But many things have changed since then, including Planet Bean Coffee!

I first learnt about Planet Bean from food services’ website of University of Waterloo. It said back then that one of its on-campus cafeteria uses PlanetBean coffee beans. That was around 4-5 years ago (I can’t find the source website now). I tried it once at that time, it had a small coffee shop in downtown Guelph, but I didn’t like the coffee (I can’t even remember what was wrong with it, i’m getting old lol). So I never went back, until last week! I noticed from their facebook page that they have opened several locations and got assured by a family member that it’s really good! So thought I should give them a visit.

I don’t know exactly how my espresso-drink tasted like 4/5 years ago, but I know that it is nothing like this! I really liked it this time.

The cafe is very spacious, they sometimes have video screening events, according to an ad on the wall.

The coffee bar is in the middle of the store, and the back is covered with plants, Green is always good!

8 sips are gone! Look at the sizes haha, they should be correlated with the conversation we were having :p

In brief, if you’re in Guelph and need your espresso drink, I highly recommend trying Planet Bean, they have couple of other locations other than downtown.

(update: the next two photos are from their headquarters cafe on Grange Road taken on Sept 2013)

The good springy weather urged us for a walk around. Here are some photos of our walk in downtown.