Beside its international fame for the Shakespeare Festival, Stratford is home to some artisan coffee shops and fine restaurants. It is also the birth place of Balzac’s Coffee Roastery.

It was our first visit to Stratford. We strolled around the cozy downtown and took some photos.

But, first and foremost, we needed our morning doze of caffeine and as usual we did our homework looking for where we could get the doze. Revel Caffè, it was!

When we arrived to the caffè, we found it closed with a sign reading that the caffè is relocated to 37 Market Place Stratford. Luckily, the new location is right across the street from the old location, so, we didn’t need to search for the new location …

The caffè is located in a restored old building with exposed wooden beams and bricks. Revel is spacious, with open kitchen where they prepare fresh delicacies (croissant, muffins, biscuits, … ).

We loved our morning drinks. The bean roast had a dark chocolate flavor to it, which is my favorite roast !

There was a puzzle on the table, which we started it but left it unfinished *too difficult*

The patterns formed in the cup calls for some fortune telling 😀

Stratford is a beautiful small city with a classy and cozy downtown. Looking forward to our future visits and gastronomical delights at its famous restaurants.

P.S: While wandering around the downtown, we learned that the first espresso machine was brought to Stratford in 1961 by the Black Swan Coffee house …