Few years ago, an old leather factory built more than 100 years ago, started going through extensive make-over. In fall 2010, the renovated factory was announced open and was called the tannery district.

The Tannery District is located in the heart of downtown Kitchener (VictoriaXCharles). The place was well re-constructed that it attracted Google, Desire2learn and Communitech!

But no, not only those, the historic site has also attracted Balzac’s Coffee Roasters, founded in Stratford, Ontario, 1996.

I’ve been to Balzac’s before in Toronto and liked their coffee. I was really excited when it opened in downtown Kitchener in Fall 2010.

The coffee shop is really neat, the atmosphere is classy, the music is calm, and the coffee is GREAT! It is one of my favorite coffee shops in the area. The only problem is their hours; they close at 7pm on weekdays, which I think that’s the problem of most(if not all) good coffee shops in the area.

Here’s a video from their website:

Those tiles are very special to Balzac’s, the floors in most locations have the same (or variations of this) design.

And my delicious Cappuccino …