I have been using On-stove Espresso Maker for almost three years. Throughout this time, I have tried different tricks to improve the quality of the espresso I get from it. I know it can’t reach the quality of those served in good Espresso bars, but I try to get as close as I can. Here are a few tips for making a good on-stove espresso:

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      • Choose some good espresso beans, I tried different beans/roasts from local coffee roasters and grocery stores. I particularly like Cliff Hanger Espresso and Balzac’s Espresso
      • Grind the beans. Do not superfine grind as tiny bits may get into your espresso shot. Do not under-grind your beans, you won’t get the strong espresso taste.
      • Fill the lower part of the espresso maker with water (pour some of the water if needed to bring the water level under the valve)
      • Place the funnel-shaped filter on and fill it with the ground beans. Do not tamp the ground beans in the filter

    • Assemble the espresso maker properly and tightly and place it on medium heat (High heat may result burnt and bitter taste)
    • Now watch for the espresso to flow and make sure to remove the maker from the stove once the espresso is completely or (two-thirds) out; Keeping it on the stove may burn the espresso causing a bitter taste.

  • Empty the espresso in your serving cups. Do it in an even way, do not put first half in one cup and the second half in another, put a bit here and a bit there, so you end up with a consistent shots in each cup.
  • If the espresso is not completely out, place the maker back on stove to get the rest of the espresso out

EUREKA!!! now you have your home-made espresso shot … mmmm, that’s all I can think off now, If I remembered anything I will share it later. Also If you’re an on-stove user and have some tips to share, I would love to hear them. So I can enjoy a better tasting cup of coffee