When we are visiting a new city, we like to see the city through locals’ eyes. I think that’s why we choose to explore the city on our feet usually with little or no directions.
We never carry a GPS or other hard or soft Geo-locating tools and almost always manage to get a close-to-accurate cognitive map of the area we are visiting within first couple of hours of roaming around.

A tasty part of the adventure, of course, is to try new restaurants and cafes. By experience, we know in order to get a moderately-priced and good-quality treat, we should avoid touristic districts.
For daily fuel though, we do some more planning when visiting a new city. We search for artisan coffee shops/espresso bars and prepare a list of them (if any) to check during our visit.

In the past Christmas holiday, we visited the French Canada. We have tried a couple of coffee shops/espresso bars in Quebec city and a few more in Montreal.

Here, I am writing about “pourquoi pas” espresso bar, which served us the best cup of cappuccino during our visit to the French Canada.

Pourquoi pas is located at 1447 rue Amherst, Montreal, Quebec H2L 3L2.

When we saw pourquoi pas, we decided to have our second morning-coffee; something that we usually dont do!
The moment we walked in the coffee bar, we knew we are getting our long-waiting-good-cup-of-cappuccino crafted by our french-speaking barista.

He asked us which one of their two types of beans we would like to try: one is fruitish and the other has a dark chocolate flavour. We chose the chocolatish one and while the barista was crafting our cups, I took some more shots of the place …

Pourquoi pas has a nice wood/metal interior. I think I am establishing the “artisan coffee bar” connotation to such interior!

our cups:

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