It is been a while that I wanted to write about the Yeti cafe in Downtown Kitchener.
The Yeti cafe is located at 4 Eby Street N Kitchener, right in front of the Kitchener farmers’ market.

I should say up front before diving into more details, the Yeti has the coolest name and logo among the coffee shops in Kitchener-Waterloo (at least among those I know), which I think really suit a cafe business. I also really liked the interior setup of the Yeti.

I particularly liked the plates hanged on the wall each from a country, a Canadian province, or an American state …

However, I am afraid that the name, logo, and interior are the best things about the cafe!

I might have set the bar very high before visiting Yeti, but here it is…

After many times passing by Yeti, on a Saturday morning, we decided to have our morning coffee at the Yeti while visiting the market.

Previously, there was a bakery shop (I think a German one) at this place, which was replaced by Yeti in May 2012.

In that morning, the place was full of freshly baked breakfast buns and breads.

Initially, we wanted to order cappuccinos, but after acquiring about the cappuccino cups and number of espresso shots they use for cappuccino, we opted for double Macchiatos.

We also ordered a cinnamon roll which was freshly baked that morning.
The Macchiato is made of an espresso shot with a bit of frothed milk. However, the definition of the espresso-based drinks could vary drastically from a cafe to another.

Our drinks were served in big cups, which is not really suitable for a Macchiato. The Macchiatos were very light and watery.

It could be our mistake to order double Macchiatos, but drinks were a total disappointment!

The cinnamon roll was fresh and tasty.

I suspect if we had a happier experience with their coffee, we would have had a more positive judgment on the quality of the roll too.

Nevertheless, the Yeti cafe offers some traditional European breads and bakery, which I will go back to try them (especially their pretzels).

I also found very good-looking drinks/smoothies (I am not sure what they are. They could be protein shakes) in their fridge, which I wanna try in my next visit …

The Yeti @Facebook.

bottom line: I wish they could get a better espresso machine and a trained barista to improve the Yeti as a coffee shop!