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The other day we decided to try “the Savoury” in uptown Waterloo after reading about it in Table for Maple.

It is located in the Atrium across the Waterloo town square parking, in the old looking building home to the British pub (Duke of Wellington) and Aroma cafe.
We thought the place was open recently before getting surprised to hear they’ve been in business since May 2011.

The Savoury as their slogan says brings to the town “British flavor with a hint of Indian spice”!

The place has a nice wooden interior with large windows overseeing the parking lot of the town square. I liked the steel pots on the windows with fragrant herbs…

They had cinnamon sticks placed as the centerpiece for the tables…

The Savoury provides imported British products that you wouldn’t usually find in local grocery stores in north America. Items that particularly drew our attention were: Cadbury flake and Walkers prawn cocktail crisps.

The Savoury also sells frozen bakery (e.g., Indian samosas) and they also cater.

We have ordered three pies:
– 1 butter chicken pie
– 2 steak and mushroom pies

The butter chicken pie was a brand new experience for us. We thought it lacked the strong Indian spices. I am sure many would prefer the milder spices, which of course defines the “hint” of Indian spices in the British flavor they serve.

We liked The steak and mushroom pie, although we would prefer to have fresh mushrooms in our pie rather than canned ones.

Nonetheless, the place is definitely a nice addition to uptown Waterloo and it offers a unique combination of bakery/grocery shop/restaurant.

And yes, I will be back to try their samosas and buy some of their imported products and frozen bakeries to try at home.

Oh and all their meat is from a local butcher (Ammar store) on Lancaster West.
The Savoury @Facebook.