I really like renovating old unused buildings into a new lively spaces with shops cafe’s and art galleries. I went to Distillery district few times, and I really enjoy it when its busy. I was hoping the Tannery district will turn out the same, but it is more for business than it is for entertainment, although it said on their main plan “a place that caters to people beyond the nine-to-five.” yeah right! It’s not bad ofcourse, I still enjoy Balzac’s coffee .. which reminds me, i haven’t been there for so long, why? because it closes at 7pm during the week -_-;
… Anyways
So we found that there’s a similar place in Cambridge, called Southworks Outlet mall: has Canada’s Largest Antique shop, open till 9pm on Thursday and Friday, 363 days of the year… or so it says.

So we went there, after school, it was a really nice place, very nicely renovated, I like the area in the middle, everything was nice except…
except.. that it needed people? .. omg, it was deserted! there was no one except the workers in the shops, I went there around 6-7pm on thursday..
It was such a disappointment not to see any human there, other than the bored workers, I donno if they are selling anything 😛
The place has potential, but they should work on attracting more people to it. But If you were around in Cambridge, it is worth to take a look around.