On my way to school the other week, was a beautiful sunny day with light cool breeze of fresh air  in the early morning, so i thought a cup of cappuccino wouldn’t harm just before school ! and there was this cafe’ that i never tried in uptown waterloo, called Seven shores.

The atmosphere was amazing, i felt i’m in downtown Toronto or something, they also have a beautiful terrasse under the shades of a tree, which was just awesome. Okay, i have to say that I expected more from the taste of the cappuccino! i would rate it 6/10.. but  I still would go again .. i just loved the cafe’ style. Oh, also the croissant was fresh and nice!.. and i asked for coco on my cappuccino and the lady actually grated fresh coco on it = D

oh and did you notice those blueberries … that was a first for me, an all natural coffee sweet xD

i think they are moving to the next building, so its gonna be all new soon!..looking forward to try that!