Good morning World!
7 am! Up to my coffee!
so today I wanna show you how to do layered cappuccino, ok I’m not a coffee barista (not that I dont wanna be  : p ) but a fancy layered cappuccino will make you look like an expert ; D

you would need

  • Finely grinded coffee (that makes two espresso shots)
  • Espresso maker,
    I don’t even have an espresso machine, an on-stove espresso maker will do, they are very cheap btw , I bought mine for 10$
  • A milk frother
  • 1 cup of 2% milk


  • I had whole coffee beans, and honestly for espresso, I like to grind the beans at the spot (using a coffee grinder). The aroma of coffee when ground, puts me in a coffee shop atmosphere … mmmm.. i wish you can smell those!
  • Heat your milk, i just use microwave for that (since my milk frother is a simple one), ok  make sure when you heat the milk, it doesn’t boil, boiling the milk will make it not foam well, on the other side a cold milk will not taste good, so you might need to stop the microwave every while and then and check on it! (I heat it for 50 seconds, then stop it .. then heat for another 20 seconds.. i think is good enough)
  • Bring your favorite coffee mugs (2)! And put half a cup of the hot milk in each.
  • With the milk frother, froth the milk to create a layer of foamed milk on top of the milk (make sure there’s still space in the mug to add the espresso )
  • The trick is all about pouring the espresso into your (milk + foam), so don’t try to do that right from the espresso pot, or from another cup, bring something like a coffee pot (with an edge for pouring). And now slowly, very slowly start pouring your espresso into the mug, you will see that the espresso shot will sit as a layer between the milk and the foam.
    You can pause and pour again any time, but make sure u don’t pause for long! Like i did for taking photos ;p as you can see in the other mug ! : $
    so if you did any mistake and the espresso mixed with the milk, it will still taste the same ! so no worries 🙂

Serve them for your special guests and look like a pro! Or just treat yourself with it in a beautiful sunny early morning!

So morning coffee to all of you : D